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Dr Wong used to operate a general practitioner clinic and his wife Mdm Amy Wong was his chief nurse. Now they are retired both from work & competition so dance for fun all over the world.

Dr Wong & Amy won multiple champions in their long ballroom dancing hobby. They became a crowd favourite when they eventually concentrated competing in the senior categories which saw them mainly achieving champion positions.
Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Would You Still Be Competiting When You're In Your 70s? by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dance Competitions
Would You Still Be Competiting When You're In Your 70s? Yutaka and Kiyoko Sakata from Japan are well-known in the dancing circles. This veteran Japanese couple have been competing very regularly for the past 15 years. Yutaka is now 69 years old and Kiyoko is 66 years old and they still compete in t...
Published: Monday 25 March, 2002
A " Dance Clinic " was conducted by Donnie Burns and Nicole Hans by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
Donnie stressed the importance of " messages" and " partnering" in transforming an atheletic dancesport into a sophisticated form of art. "Breathe life into this art by dancing to the messages. Do not be so engrossed with the details of the choreography and get completely off ! "
Published: Saturday 28 October, 2000
How To Dance In Tune With The Music - Steven Hiller by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
Right Posture,Correct Foot-work and Accurate Accentuation. Steven Hiller and Jenny Buchanan gave a dance workshop the following afternoon. It was attended by some thirty dance enthusiasts and competitors. Steven Hiller noticed some very glaring mistakes made by most competitors and he was quite disa...
Published: Monday 01 November, 1999
A Modern Ballroom Musical Play by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
A Modern Ballroom Musical Play. Modern ballroom dancing was given a completely different treatment by the world renowned Russian couple,Alexandra and Olga Zenkevitch - 3 times finalist of The World Classic Show Dance Championship, 2 times Russian Modern Classic Champions and the 1998 German Open Cla...
Published: Friday 20 November, 1998
Right Mechanics Makes A Champion Dancer - Stephen Hillier by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
Right Mechanics Makes A Champion Dancer - Stephen Hillier & Jennifer BuchananIn an hour of lecture and workshop on the day after the championship, Stephen Hillier stressed the great importance of the dance hold in modern ballroom dancing. It is the key to a successful partnership. If you cannot hold...
Published: Monday 26 October, 1998
Dance Etiquette by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dance Competitions
It is not uncommon to be injured, rather grievously I am afraid, on the dance floor. Personally, I have had my feet stabbed several times by high stilletto heels, my cheek bruised by sharp-ponting elbows and my rib cage squashed by inconsiderate and aggressive dancers. I have also experienced the pa...
Published: Friday 01 August, 1997
Competitive Dancing by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dance Competitions
SO YOU WANT TO BE A COMPETITIVE DANCER........ The Three Phases of Competitive Dancing. Dancing as a social activity is fun,devoid of quarrels and squabbles.It is a very relaxed form of exercise for both young and old.It is part of the social graces which we picked up as we moved around the social m...
Published: Wednesday 16 July, 1997
Sportsmanship in DanceSport - John Wood by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
Sportsmanship in competitive dancing is something we must all learn to cultivate. Every competition is different. The organizer is different and the judges are also very different. To win or lose in a competition can affect the dancers adversely. But, no matter what the outcome of the competition, w...
Published: Wednesday 18 September, 1996
The Changing Pattern Of The Quickstep - John Wood by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
About 20 competitors participated in a workshop conducted by John Wood on 9 Jun 96 in Singapore. It was an eye-opening lecture which benefited all dancers. John Wood stressed on three major points which the judges are looking for in a competition. They were STYLE, MOVEMENT AND MUSICALITY. A couple i...
Published: Sunday 08 September, 1996
Silhouette, Music & Movement - Sir Bill Irvine by S H Wong (Dr) Topic: Dancing Tips
On 4 Aug 96, the Doyen and Icon of modern Ballroom Dancing of the World, Bill Irvine MBE, gave a very refreshing lecture to about 40 dance enthusiasts at Singapore. He was assisted by his elegant wife, Bobby Irvin. Bill stressed on three factors in competitive dancing : SILHOUETTE, MUSIC AND MOVEMEN...
Published: Sunday 01 September, 1996
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