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Planning on surprising your friends and relatives on your big day with a wedding dance performance? Tradition dictates that you must dance on your wedding day but you do not know how? Wanting your special day to be unique and to make sure that you, the wedding couple is the centre of attraction?

Our Wedding Dance Specialist Instructors are expert at coaching your very important first wedding dance!
At DanceThrob RpMerleon, we have taught and choreographed for many wedding couples very graceful and elegant wedding dances. We take everything into consideration, giving your wedding dance choreography a romantic introduction, a soul inspiring body that proclaims your love and a grand sensuous finale that leaves your guests gasping for more!

When should we start lessons for our wedding dance?
As early as possible as closer towards wedding your schedules may be too packed for dance lessons. Preferably 6 months or more to start with a few Basic Group Courses follow by private packages for special choreography to your chosen song. Even though we have performed miracles with just 1 week of intensive private lessons, it is highly not recommended unless BOTH of you are talented and already have dancing background!

Dancing is just like getting your that precious educational degree starting from kindergarden/pre-school, learning layer by layer all the way to University. You need to start with fundamentals, you need plenty of practise and to build confidence to dance in front of a crowd. Richard Gere & Jennifer Lopez requires 4 months of 8 hours daily private lessons before filming the movie "Shall We Dance?" and another 5 months of 2 hours daily practice/private lessons while filming. Their dance competencies were only equivalent to Novice level (need another 3 levels to reach Professional), what about you?

How many lessons do we need to take for a wedding dance?
On average, most couples take for 8 x 45 minute private lessons. A few very ambitious couples even took about 20 private lessons. But the bare minimum would be 4 private lessons. Everything in dancing is scalable, so with more lessons you can do more, less lessons just plan for something simpler.

Should we start with Group or private lessons?
If you have enough time, a good way to good would be to start with Group lessons, then transit to private lessons for customized wedding choreography, which is cheaper overall. But if you have a tight schedule or want something very specific that group classes don’t cover, then private lessons are the way to go.

Do we share the floor or do we get privacy?
If you opt for private lessons, that means a teacher is coaching you and your partner only, but there may be other people on the same dance floor. If you require privacy where there are no other people on the same dance floor, you will have to pay a surcharge for that privacy.

Can you handle a Group performance?
Definitely! That is really a great thing to get your friends and family together to join your happiness.

Can you help with a father daughter / mother son dance?
Definitely! We’re done many of this and everyone enjoyed it very much. Its very common overseas.

What should I prepare for our first class?
Decide on the dance type and/or song. If you have something a video of something you like, bring it along. Find out the size of your dance floor.

Have never danced before and having 2 left feet?
Never fear for @DanceThrob RpMerleon, all initial self-professed double left-footed wedding couples danced beautifully and rhythmically on their wedding day. Our training methods work wonders!

Able to dance on your most important day is NOT expensive!
Just remember that only the rings, the love you share and your ability to dance together stay with you after your wedding. It is a healthy activity that you both can continue attending dance courses even after your wedding, building a common hobby & cherishing a partnership forever. Extremely important to invest on this very important day and be ensured of a successful wedding dance performance.

Total beginner and do not know which dance is suitable for your wedding?
Trust DanceThrob RpMerleon Dance Instructors to gauge your aptitude and innate hidden dancing genes! We will try some steps on you to find that illusive capability and will find the one that suits your personality, style and romanticism.

How about the wedding dance song!
We have plenty of original danceable romance music CDs for you to choose from. These music are specially arranged and recorded from USA, Europe and England, having consistent timing and rhythm that facilitate your dancing. If you have that all important song already chosen, bring it along and we will choreograph according to it.

Having a live band playing a multitude of danceable music?
Do not worry, @DanceThrob RpMerleon Studios, we encourage you to learn a variety of dances other than that very important first wedding dance. Especially if you have a live band or a live DJ, you need to be able to Waltz, Rumba, Salsa, Jive, Rock N Roll, swing the Rhythm Foxtrot etc to showcase yourself on the dance floor which is now open for your guests to groove. Just remember, this early investment will reward you the whole of your lifetime. What better way to cultivate a fun hobby together!

Robin Chee & Pele Lim [NATD National Awards for both Ballroom Latin & Modern, London]

- Group courses for fun-filled, get-to-know new acquaintances & form new dancing buddies while learning to dance

- Private lessons for couples & those who prefer to learn in privacy

- Private coaching for wedding couples with individually tailored elegant introduction with everlasting love dance variations & never ending love story that leaves your guests in awe & gasping for more!
Robin Chee & Pele Lim dancing the Waltz Throwaway Oversway Variation
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