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10 Tips on getting the most out of your dance classes


Congratulations on taking the first step to the wonderful worl d of dance. Here are some tips to get the most out of your dance classes:

1. Come early
Do try to be 15 minutes early. This will give you time to settle down and then you can use the reminding time to practice the previous week’s steps.

2. Ask questions
If you could not catch the explanation, feel free to ask questions. It’s important to have clear understanding in your mind.

3. Answer questions
When the instructor s ask questions, do volunteer to answer. This will help you understand more and also help you remember.

4. Change partners
In the real world, you may have to dance with different partners. Take the opportunity during class to dance with different partners. This will help you to be a better dancer by getting more experience and confidence.

5. Notes
Do try to take notes after each class. The ac t of taking notes, will help you learn by having to understand and remember what was taught in the class.

6. Self practice
In between classes, do try to do some self-p ractice. You don’t need a lot of space; just go through the steps with smaller step if you don’t have the space. Or you just visualize the process of dancing the steps in your mind. You can do this while waiting for transport or in queues.

7. Listen to music
If you have trouble with counting the beats in the music, listen to that kind of music as often as possible. When you listen to the music, count the beats as well. But don’t just count the beats in a monotonous manner; count the beats like you are singing the song and with emotion and feeling. See the music in your mind, by imagining a big hammer hitting on the 1 count.

8. Shoes
Have a suitable pair of shoes to dance. Slippers definitely won’t do it. It would be good to have a smooth hard rubber or leather sole. Better still; buy a pair of dance shoes if you are keen enough.

9 Practice nights
Do try to come for our weekly Saturday nigh t practice nights. RpMerleon Studio instructors will be around and feel free to ask questions about your class. So for just S$5 you get extra coaching!

10. Make friends
Make friends with your classmates or people you meet at the practice nights. Arrange dance outing together.

This article was published on Wednesday 17 August, 2016.
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