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RpMerleon Award Winning DanceSport Photo On CD Cover


RpMerleon Award Winning DanceSport Photo On CD Cover

Remember the web award winning photo of Johnathan Crossley with Kylie Jones balancing on right leg doing a left leg kick with both of them expressing their ultimate joy at executing that action? Well, this photo was put on print as a CD cover titled "The Essential Slow Foxtrot Collection" Cat No WR2CD-5031 and was released for sale in December 2001!

What a major milestone for RpMerleon and this is definitely one of the most important works from RpMerleon portfolio todate. This is made possible with very close collaboration between UK dance circle and RpMerleon. RpMerleon repertoire is increasing and we are slowly but surely gaining world wide recognition.

We would like to give special thanks to Johnathan Crossley & Kylie Jones for being such excellent dancers/competitors, without which RpMerleon would not be able to capture that perfect pose cum split second of highly charged emotion radiating out from this former world amateur standard champion couple who has turned professional now.

A big salute to John & Josephine who encouraged and brought in many top quality world class competitors to dance in their Singapore Millennium DanceSport Championships and for engaging us as their official photographers for these 2 consecutive years. We hope to achieve another break through with the 2002 championships.

RpMerleon is real pleased to bring attention to the world that there's a small country named Singapore that organises world class dancesport championships in world class facilities with world class photographers cum web masters that have links with many major dancesport websites all over the world!

This CD can be ordered from RpMerleon iShop

This article was published on Friday 12 April, 2002.
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