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Quality of iShop Photos


Quality of iShop Photos

More queries & clarifications on iShop Photos:
1) Screen display of photos will never be equivalent to the actual photo quality unless scanned at very high resolutions (long download time). In response to feedback, the web photos have been re-sized to simulate closer to the actual cropped photo but you have to click each photo in the Product Information page in order to view the best web photo quality. Rest assured that your ordered photos will be even better, sharper & higher quality than those displayed on the web.

2) Competitors' names & RpMerleon logo embossed across each web photo is to stake our copyright. Your ordered photos will never be disfigured this way as the championship title & RpMerleon logo will be printed FOC and situated at inconspicous spaces, never touching your posture nor your costume.

3) If the web photo is in portrait size, your ordered photo will also be in portriat size and vice versa for those shown in landscape. Any required cropping (determined by RpMerleon) of the photos will be done FOC.

4) RpMerleon only selects photos with the best posture, facial expression, colour contrast & sharpness for sale in iShop. We don't hide any good photos so therefore, we can't show or print any secret photos of you, even if enquired secretly of us.

5) Your photos will only be developed & printed upon placing an order with complete settlement of payment in advance. There's no way in which RpMerleon can print the hard copy for you to see first before buying as we can't substain such cost wastage and unless we stop utilising those high tech digital equipment specially purchased for this on-line purpose.

6) Competitors' photos will never be displayed for sale in repeated photo shooting angles. However, if there're no sales for that particular couple in 3 consecutive championships, it's deemed that their photos are unpopular and we have no choice but replace them with those that appreciate our photographic skills at iShop.

7) Trust RpMerleon in displaying the best photos for your purchases as we have been dancesport competitors in both standard & latin categories for over 4.5 years and have been professional photographers with a combined expertise of over 30 years. That's why RpMerleon has been the official photographers for all the major international dancesport championships in Singapore (like: Spore Millennium, Lion City & Spore Intl) for these past few years.

This article was published on Wednesday 07 November, 2001.
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