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* Former International Adjudicator for both Standard & Latin, World Dance Council;
* Attained Highly Commended for professional teaching examination: Associate Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London (ISTD Ballroom);
* Attained Highly Commended for professional teaching examination: Associate National Association Teachers of Dancing, London (NATD Latin American);
* Former Member of Singapore Dance Teachers Association;
* Former People's Association Certified Instructor since 2002
* Licentiate Master of Photographers Association (UK)
* Classically trained musician since 1974, holds a Grade 8 Practical Certificate from ABRSM & years of private coaching by world class top Musicians from Singapore Symphony Orchestra was fully sponsored by University.
* Formal member of Singapore Youth Orchestra, NUS Symphony Orchestra & a Local Symphony Orchestra. A Section Leader, Lead Musician & Soloist of NUS Orchestra & Brass Quintet with multiple performance experiences.
* Post Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis (NUS-ISS); Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (SIM); Advance Diploma in Business Administration (ABE) [Best Paper for Finance];
* Bachelor of Arts

* 2011-2013: Singapore’s sole representatives to the World Professional Ballroom Dance Championships (Korea, Moscow, UK)
* 2012-2014: Singapore’s representative to the Asia Pacific Dancesport Championship, Japan
* 2013-2014: Senior Professional Ballroom finalist
* 2011-2014: 2nd Ranked Singapore Professional Ballroom competitor
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Singapore First Ballroom Dance Studio- 3 Dance Generations by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: About Us
Singapore First Ballroom Dance Studio, Three Generations Of Singapore Dance Family of Robin Chee & Pele Lim from DanceThrob RpMerleon studios who are 3 times Singapore representatives for World Professional Championships and 3 times nominated first couple for Asia Pacific DanceSport Championship ful...
Published: Tuesday 22 March, 2016
Dance Practice DOs & DONTs by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: Dance Competitions
Dance Practice DOs & DONTs. Loud Hailers. Face Savers. Money Solvers. Solid Oaks. Young Upstarts. Self Righteous.
Published: Saturday 31 January, 2004
Parents & Children Dance Class - Social Dance Elementary by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: About Us
Started on 15 March 2003, a special debut of Adults & Children Social Dance Elementary Class was conducted at a Community Centre after a long wait of 5 months to obtain People's Association's (PA) Approval. As it was unprecedented and PA never allows adults to mix with children in any of its courses...
Published: Friday 20 June, 2003
RpMerleon Live Photo Sales Review - 20 October 2002 by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: About Us
RpMerleon Live Photo Sales Review. Phew, totally shacked, very tired, sleepy and sick. Not to mention we were severely shorthanded and our assistants, being degree holders & professionally trained in IT were underpaid! But we really enjoyed ourselves at our first live digital photo selling.
Published: Monday 21 October, 2002
RpMerleon Award Winning DanceSport Photo On CD Cover by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: About Us
Remember the web award winning photo of Johnathan Crossley with Kylie Jones balancing on right leg doing a left leg kick with both of them expressing their ultimate joy at executing that action? Well, this photo was put on print as a CD cover titled "The Essential Slow Foxtrot Collection" Cat No WR2...
Published: Friday 12 April, 2002
Quality of iShop Photos by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: Dance Competitions
More queries & clarifications on iShop Photos: 1) Screen display of photos will never be equivalent to the actual photo quality unless scanned at very high resolutions (long download time). In response to feedback, the web photos have been re-sized to simulate closer to the actual cropped photo but...
Published: Wednesday 07 November, 2001
Latest Trends in Standard Dances : William Pino by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: Dancing Tips
On 2 August 1999, the IDSF Standard Modern Champions, Italians William Pino together with his beautiful partner, Alessandra Bucciarelli, gave a very musical lecture to about 60 dance enthusiasts at Westin Stanford Hotel (Canning Room), Singapore. This was one of the 4 lectures being conducted in the...
Published: Thursday 05 August, 1999
Italy Dancing Mama Mia - An Italian summer experience by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: About Us
Italy Dancing Mama Mia - An Italian summer experience. Ever wonder how the Italians, famous for their pasta, pizza & Mafia gangs flair in the dancing world? My honeymoon trip to Italy (15 days) really opened my eyes to the Italian dance world & their intimate private family life which not many fore...
Published: Friday 18 September, 1998
Dance With Me by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: Dance Movie Reviews
The eagerly awaited ballroom dance motion picture "Dance With Me" (used to be known as Shut up and Dance), starring Vanessa Williams as Ruby the star dance instructress at John Burnett's (Kris Kristofferson) studio is opened in USA on 21 August 98. Watch for it. There's also downloadable video trail...
Published: Tuesday 01 September, 1998
Shall We Dance by Pele Chee-Lim Topic: Dance Movie Reviews
Shall We Dance. The first time this movie was watched was on an SQ flight to USA. It was watched not once but 3 times on the flight there and another 2 times on the flight back to Singapore. Multiply that by two persons and the grand total of 10 times re-runs were what you get!
Published: Monday 01 September, 1997
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