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Pele Achieved Licentiate of Masters Photographers Association


Pele Achieved Licentiate of Masters Photographers Association

Yesterday was a joyous day for RpMerleon as one of its principal photographers, Pele, has just gone through very strigent requirements to achieve the prestigious Licentiate of Masters Photographers Association. She is now a full fledged Master Photographer and can utilise the designatory letters LMPA after her name. The Masters Photographers Association (MPA) is United Kingdom's only fully qualified organisation for practising full time professional photographers.

There are only about 30 photographers holding MPA qualifications in Singapore. Pele worked through meals, sleep (triple eye bags now) and dance practices to come up with a portfolio that represented her professional style (portraits, sport/dancesport, weddings, pets & babies/children).

A panel of 3 top MPA Qualification Board members examined Pele's portfolio and interviewed her. They were Mr Colin Buck/Hon FMPA (CE of MPA), Richard Dutkowski/FMPA DiPP (also Chairman of the MPA Qualification Board) & Paul Coopers/FMPA DipPP (UK Master Photographer of the Year). Special thanks go to Mr Matthew Tan/FMPA PPA, Mr William Ng/FMPA, Mr Jim Liaw/AMPA & his lovely wife and Ms Mabel Lee/LMPA for their encouragement, guidance and coaching.

Well folks, you now truly have a Master Photographer in your midst so please do not hesitate to contact RpMerleon for your photographic needs. Have a Master Photographer to capture your special moment that lasts for eternity!

Do remember that an authentic RpMerleon photo contains RpMerleon Logo, is printed with professional water-resistant resin coated ultrachrome inks on professional photo paper (0.27mm thickness) that lasts even longer than majority of the printing labs or any other printing media or portable printers in the world (40 to 60years non-fade as compared to 1 to 25 years), and lamination is totally unnecessary.

This article was published on Saturday 02 November, 2002.
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