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A Modern Ballroom Musical Play

by S H Wong (Dr)

A Modern Ballroom Musical Play

Modern ballroom dancing was given a completely different treatment by the world renowned Russian couple,Alexandra and Olga Zenkevitch - 3 times finalist of The World Classic Show Dance Championship, 2 times Russian Modern Classic Champions and the 1998 German Open Classic Show Dance Champion. The performance was held on the 13 November was very well received.

It was the dance of music that filled the fully-packed Neptune Restaurant.It was bursting with excitement as Alexandra and Olga gave a superb performance of the classical Waltz,Tango,Foxtrot,Quickstep and the Viennese Waltz. The performance was divided into four parts,each segment was danced to the sound of music - beautifully choreographed and masterly executed to perfection.

Every segment tells a poignant story,beautifully danced to the rhythm of the music, portraying the different swing of moods and tempo. The opening “Pavarotti” was exciting and captivating.This was followed by “ Little Sussie” - a haughtingly silent dance which was indeed moving and heart-breaking- resurrecting a lifeless partner like a puppet on a string and rejoicing the sojourn before she relapsed into eternity.It was teary for some. ”Dance Lesson” followed with the fundamentals and basics.

The grand finale, “ Behind The Table”, was the most engaging and entertaining.It was a singularly unique demonstration of the four dances, the Waltz,Tango,Foxtrot and Quickstep. It was skillfully welded into a musical play, displaying the different moods,emotions and tempos of the four different dances.

It started with the lovely-dovey couple sitting and dining over the candle-lit table,romancing and courting each other into the beautiful and lovely Waltz. Caressing,cuddling,embracing and flirting to every beat of the music.

The honeymoon did not last for long.The couple became picky,argumentative,cantankerous and contentious, each sulking and brooding with anger and fury.With this sudden change of emotion and mood,they clawed and bit at each other as they danced the fiery and staccato Tango.

It was a roller-coaster of moods and emotions, sometimes loving and giving, sometimes teasing and hateful. Sometimes, they moved with swift and bestial anger, and sometimes they remained in contemptuous and calculating stillness, beautifully performed to the tempestuous tempo of the ferocious Tango.

Then the quarrel and tiff gave way to reconciliation. The lady appealed tearfully and patiently ( even if it takes ages, she will wait for him ) to her man who then relented and became remorseful. They patched up, smiled and danced the loving,slow and elegant Foxtrot. The impatience and the fury melted into the flowing calmness and serenity of the very slow Foxtrot - as they glided across the floor to the slow melody. It was simply enchanting - a picturesque portrayal of the melodious dance.

Then suddenly, like a thunderbolt out of a clear blue sky, they rocketed into the joyous Quickstep with an excellent attractive expression of the rhythm. They skipped and hopped with endless joy and mirth, drawing the active participation of the rapturous audience who clapped and danced along.It was a display of uninhibited joy and triumph as they danced their way into the hearts of Singaporeans.

“We love you,” an excited and happy Alexandra and Olga said breathlessly. “ We love Singapore.It is a beautiful place.Everything is so beautiful ! ”

It was an excellent show, a well-choreographed musical bonanza and a rare treat for the audience. It was a demonstration with a difference - a unique blend of music,ballet,stage-play,story and modern ball-room dancing.

Congratulations Alexander and Olga for giving such a world-class performance and for making it an enriching and enjoyable evening for everyone.Well done and keep it up !

This article was published on Friday 20 November, 1998.
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