Intro Adult Dance Class Foxtrot Salsa Tango Thursday 7pm

Intro Adult Dance Class Foxtrot Salsa Tango Thursday 7pm
An introductory course for couples wanting to know what dancing is all about. Couples can join anytime as new steps every class. Enrol for another 2-3 courses to complete all 12 social club dances. Structured approximately into:

*1-3 lessons for the American Smooth Foxtrot which is the world's favourite dance in weddings for both the guests and wedding couple, put some Rhythm into your souls!
*2-3 lessons on the Street Cha Cha Cha with partners or in groups to disco or hot Latin music.
*1-2 lessons on the Two-Step, one of the most useful partner dances danced to medium slow popular music. Easy to learn & can be used often in a variety of social environments like clubs, ballrooms and weddings.
*Can be learnt in 1-2 lessons, Square Rumba is very easy, the name implies dancing the steps in a dimension no bigger than a box, it involves holding both hands, twirling and turning.
*2-3 lessons on Argentine Tango is passionate, dramatic, exciting, aggressive & fiery. Easily recognizable in Valentino days and popularised by recent cinema hits like "Shall We Dance" where Jennifer Lopez gave Richard Gere extra tension-filled coaching the night before his first dance championship. Other movies that featured Argentine Tango are "Scent of a Woman" & "True Lies".
*Learn the latest hottest sexy Salsa dance within 2-3 lessons.
*Social Waltz can be learnt within one lesson with simple steps, should be able to waltz down the floor in a Dinner & Dance to any slow music without fear after this.
*1-2 lessons on the Hustle, danced to disco contemporary popular music within last 20 years. A fast, smooth dance which is easy to learn and useful in many social environment & dance spots.
*2-3 lessons on Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic, a Latin American club dance with catchy rhythm and lovable dance steps.
*1-2 lessons on Merengue, involves lots of hip movements, rhythmic leg action & easy steps, very popular in parties & highly recommended as a first dance for new beginners.
*2-3 lessons on Disco Rock, can be danced to any typical disco music played at discos & parties.
*2-4 lessons to create an even bigger impression with the energetic Rock N Roll (similar to swing, jive), danced to ever green songs from singers such as Elvis & The Beatles.

Learn the correct way to dance social club dances right from the start with music recognition, counting the musical beats, clear footwork & proper body contacts. Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. Wow your friends during company dinner & dance or during your wedding with your poise and grace in executing all 12 social club dances if you enrol for 4 basic courses.

Eventually you'd find your tummy tauter, flabbiness tuned to toned lean muscles, fat burnt plus healthier heart due to the aerobic nature of DanceSport, especially if you continue course after course thereby learning higher level techniques that will aid your sliming & stay healthy wishes.

Enrol alone or in pairs or in group anytime as every class will teach different moves so it's new for everyone. But once started, all classes are fixed on consecutive weeks on same day & time and will be considered utilised for no show. Pay course fee by last class to continue with course after course to finish up all 4 Basic Courses for more effective results.

Requirement: For Couples Only (Do take up private classes or choose other dance courses if you are alone!)
Newbies: Start with ANY basic courses, no dance experience needed.
Age Range: Teens, working adults & retirees.
Group Size: 6-20 participants.
Attire: Smart casual with dance shoes, purchase @RpMerleon 30 minutes before start with cash, ELSE socks or barefoot. Strictly NO street shoes allowed.

View studio: anytime through display glass WITHOUT appointment, else strictly by email appointment for personal enquiry.
Venue: 3 minutes leisure walk from CityHall MRT here>>
Feature: Specially constructed expensive AeroFlor Sprung Maple Professional Sports & Dance Floor that practically eliminates direct impact to your ankles & knees.
Instructor: Check credentials here>>
Instruction Medium: Degree holders with extremely Fluent Perfect English

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An introductory course for adult couples wanting to know what dancing is all about. Couples can join anytime as new steps every class.
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