General Enquiries

Q22. What dances should I learn?
A22. If you already have something in mind, the go straight for that particular dance. But we recommend that initially its good to learn a bit of everything as dancing is something you have to try to see whether you like it or have innate talent for it. After that, you can find out what you like and later specialize. Learning a bit of everything also make you more versatile when it comes to dancing at social events.

Q23. What kind of progression can we make in dancing?
A23. You could progress by starting social dancing, taking dance examination, participating in group performances and even taking part in dance competitions.

Q24. What should I wear for class?
A24. For partner dances, casual smart would suffice (e.g. office clothes, weekend clothes), no need for anything elaborate. For Solo Latin classes, ideally shorts or pants or leotards as there are normally flexibility and strength exercises at the beginning of the classes.

Q25. What kind of shoes do I need?
A25. Dancing with suede soles as they give optimal balance of grip and spinning ability. You can either buy from us or outside. If you don’t want buy shoes yet, you may dance either bare foot or with socks. As our floor is a very expensive sprung dance floor which is very delicate, we can’t allow normal shoes to be worn for classes as these might damage the floor.

Q26. Where can we dance outside of class?
A26. There are various Community Centers that offer dance practices. Other avenues would be certain Country Clubs and some other dance places where Ballroom and Latin music is played (e.g. Club 5).

Q27. If I want to take part in a dance competition will I have to spend a lot of money on a dance costume?
A27. When you are just starting, there is no need to have anything too elaborate, the emphasis is on the quality of dancing not the costume. We have students who just wore a nice long skirt with a leotard top and were champions in all their events, winning over couples who were better dressed. However, if you can afford it and like the opportunity to wear a nice costume, by all means you are free to do so.
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