Foxtrot Rhythm QuickStep Dance Class Sunday 4pm

Foxtrot Rhythm QuickStep Dance Class Sunday 4pm
The most popular wedding first dances on earth currently comprise a mixture of Rhythm, Slow & Smooth Foxtrot.

Rhythm: a worldwide popular dance comprises of very simple & easy rhythmic variations, easy steps and specially formulated to cultivate rhythmic bouncing to the music & generate simple upper body sways. Extremely suitable for love songs, blues and jazz music and live bands. Good for wedding couples with limited time & resources to learn a wedding dance.

Foxtrot: A man named Fox performed a series of sprightly trotting steps in the New York Theatre in 1914 morphed into smooth glides & spread to London & now the world. Danced to a perky, flowing 4/4 time music, it has a mix of slow and fast steps & experienced dancers are seen to be floating elegantly across the floor. 2 types: Slow Foxtrot & American Smooth Foxtrot.

Quickstep: from Charleston and OneStep and now formalised into an international QuickStep dance by the English. Learn the proper dance hold and correct footsteps and together, Quickstep to healthier hearts in this fast dance.

Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. Wow your friends during company dinner & dance or during your wedding with your poise and grace in executing all 4 Foxtrot dances. Eventually you'd find your tummy tauter, flabbiness tuned to toned lean muscles, fat burnt plus healthier heart due to the aerobic nature of DanceSport, especially if you continue course after course thereby learning higher level techniques that will aid your sliming & stay healthy wishes.

Enrol alone or in pairs or in group anytime as every class will teach different moves so it's new for everyone. But once started, all classes are fixed on consecutive weeks on same day & time and will be considered utilised for no show. Do pay up course fee by last class to continue with course after course to finish up all 4 Basic Courses for more effective results.

Newbies: Start with ANY basic courses, no dance experience needed.
Age Range: Teens, working adults & retirees.
Group Size: 6-20 participants.
Attire: Smart casual with dance shoes, purchase @RpMerleon 30 minutes before start with cash, ELSE socks or barefoot. Strictly NO street shoes allowed.

View studio: anytime through display glass WITHOUT appointment, else strictly by email appointment for personal enquiry.
Venue: 3 minutes leisure walk from CityHall MRT here>>
Feature: Specially constructed expensive AeroFlor Sprung Maple Professional Sports & Dance Floor that practically eliminates direct impact to your ankles & knees.
Instructor: Check credentials here>>
Instruction Medium: Degree holders with extremely Fluent Perfect English

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Most popular wedding first dances on earth currently comprise a mixture of Rhythm, Slow & Smooth Foxtrot.
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