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Forever Fever


Forever Fever

We managed to catch this locally produce movie "Forever Fever". A simple story, but one which most dancers can identify with. A young Singaporean man who dreams of buying a Harley Davidson motorbike. Unfortunately, he is stuck with a dead end job where money is slow and hard to come buy.

On a chance outing with his group of friends to a movie called "Forever fever" (which looks like Saturday Night Fever), he first dismisses it as boring and that dancing is only for effeminate guys. Once he found that there is a dancing contest with a $5,000 prize money (enough to buy his bike), he quickly changes his mind and gets his childhood friend to join him at a dance class.

Discouraged after his first disastrous lesson at learning the 1970s line dances, he soon gets his second wind and becomes quite an expert (with added inspiration of a beautiful classmate who he secretly admires). Along the way he dumps his childhood friend to partner the beautiful classmate and they win the dance contest. But he discovers that they are from two different worlds and he goes back to his childhood friend.

Lots of Singlish (A Singaporean version of English), which probably only Singaporeans can understand. Terms like "When I dance, I feel really SHIOK" are used. (SHIOK means to really feel good). A few glitches here and there .. like a Mercedes S Class in the streets (you won't find those in 1977).

But nevertheless very entertaining and some good disco dancing. The hero's rendition of John Travolta's solo dance sequence in Saturday Night Fever was really quite good. If you are a dancer .. don't miss this movie with a bit of dancing, comedy and romance.

This article was published on Monday 15 June, 1998.
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