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DanceThrob RpMerleon Teaches All These Dances:
Rhythm - Ballroom Partner Dance
Recommended as the first dance to start with for any partner dance beginners, and a world wide popular dance too. Very simple & easy rhythmic dance variations that can be learnt in the first lesson.

Simple hold, easy steps and specially formulated to cultivate rhythmic bouncing to the music from your knees & generate simple upper body bouncy movements. Extremely suitable for Slow Blues and Jazz music and for those wedding couples with live bands who do not have much time to learn a wedding dance.
Quickstep - Ballroom Partner Dance
Formally developed from the Charleston and OneStep and now formalised into an international QuickStep dance by the English. Learn the proper dance hold and correct footsteps with other pure beginners and together, quick step to healthier hearts in this fast dance. Recommended as a second dance for all new ballroom beginners as the steps are simple and easy to understand. Pre-requisite: Preferred completed Rhythm

Quickstep is featured in the movie "Shall We Dance?" where Richard Gere did The Rocket (flying kick) with his dancing partner during the second dance of his Novice (Grade D) dance championship event. Do bear in mind that by then, he had 4 months of intensive private coaching 8 hours a day plus another 5 months of 2 hourly private practices per day.
Social Waltz - Ballroom Partner Dance
Can be learnt within 1 lesson with simple steps, recommended as a precursor dance to the Slow Waltz. Should be able to dance in a Dinner & Dance to any slow music without fear. Wow your friends during company dinner & dance with your poise and grace in executing the social waltz.

Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. Students will be taught both the Leader and Follower footsteps to enable lady dancing with lady. No more awkwardness, only elegance.
Slow Waltz - Ballroom Partner Dance
A pre-requisite for learning the Viennese Waltz, learn the correct way to dance Slow Waltz right from the start with Waltz music recognition, counting the music beats, clear footwork and proper body contacts. Pre-requisite: Preferred completed Social Waltz.

In the mega hit movie "Shall We Dance?", Jennifer Lopez did a graceful & elegant Slow Waltz - Throw Away Oversway with the "student" she was "teaching", demonstrated to the 3 beginners (Richard Gere inclusive) who were spell bounded by the gracefullness of execution that their tears almost flowed!
Argentine Tango - Club Partner Dance
Originated in the West Indies and found its way to Argentina, Tango is passionate, dramatic, exciting, aggressive & fiery. Easily recognizable in Valentino days and popularised by recent cinema hits like "Shall We Dance" where Jennifer Lopez gave Richard Gere extra tension-filled coaching the night before his first dance championship.
Other movies that featured Argentine Tango are "Scent of a Woman" & "True Lies". Mainly known as street Tango nowadays.
Tango - Ballroom Partner Dance
A cool & polished version of Argentine Tango, Ballroom Tango is easier to learn with standard variations and poses. As passionate & dramatic, nowadays it incorporates back many of the beautiful fiery fast leg movements at higher levels. Not recommended as a first dance for beginners. Require plenty of practice.
Viennese Waltz - Ballroom Partner Dance
An elegant fast Waltz that can set your heart a thumping, similar to aerobic exercises. The most famouse place of origin is Vienna with their famous annual Vienna Ball. Also made famous by music composers like Johann Strauss. Pre-requisite: Preferred completed Slow Waltz.

Latest movie that feature Viennese Waltz is "Shall We Dance?" where Richard Gere danced with his instructor, Jennifer Lopez during her farewell party towards the end. It is also well loved by classic fairy tales like Cinderalla and Beauty & The Beast.
Slow Foxtrot - Ballroom Partner Dance
Started in 1914 by a man named Fox who performed a series of sprightly trotting steps in the New York Theatre. It was turned into a smooth glide deemed more appealing to the audience & spread to London. Danced to a perky, flowing 4/4 time music, it has a mix of slow and fast steps.

Count as slow-slow-quick-quick & experienced dancers are seen to be floating elegantly across the floor. Considered as the most difficult to master Ballroom dances for some. Pre-requisite: Preferred completed Rhythm & Slow Waltz
Salsa - New York/LA Latin Club Dance
Salsa is a style of dance of Cuban origin and has become a very popular dance form in Latin America, USA and Europe. Evolved from Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba & Son, Salsa emphasizes different rhythms and mainly is a partner dance. Salsa involves a leader and a follower with lots of spins and turns by the follower in the basic levels. Not recommended as first dance for new beginners.

There are many different styles developed in different regions and the easiest one is the New York Salsa style, which is taught by RpMerleon Studios mainly in the basic levels. As you progress upwards, the more difficult but stylish LA style will be taught. Movies that have incorporated Salsa are "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights" and "Dance With Me".
Bachata - Club Partner Dance
Recommended as a first dance for newbies, Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic by the rural folks with influence from other dance types like the Merengue & Bolero. A Latin American club dance with catchy rhythm and lovable dance steps. Difficulty is in getting the hip bump at higher level.
Square Rumba - Club Partner Dance
Very easy to learn, the name implies dancing the steps in a dimension no bigger than a box. A street/club version, it involves holding both hands, twirling and turning with the followers.
Simple and elegant, dance to any slow 4 counts music by popular super star singers. Recommended as a first dance for beginners. Can be learnt in 1 lesson.
Rumba - Latin American Partner Dance
The most romantic, sensuous and versatile of all the Latin American dances. Popularly known as the dance of love, the Rumba is a slow dance and can be easily learnt and danced to popular love songs from singers such as Diana Ross, Michael Jackson etc.
Ladies will be taught how to move sensuously and follow the men's lead. Gentlemen will learn how to lead the ladies and look stylish on the dance floor.
Street Cha Cha - Street/Club Partner Dance
Evolved from Mambo with its origin from Cuba, Cha Cha Cha is characterised by 2 slow steps follow by 3 fast chasses. It became a sensation in the 1950s to dance on the off beat instead of the common down beats. Also known as the "Triple Mambo Steps", it is danced to a distinct sound in the music and soon became a dance by itself. Some did say that the name Cha Cha Cha is derived from a plant that produces "Cha Cha" sounding seed pods being used by a band leader to produce a rattle metronome to keep the music pace!

Most versatile and easily learnt & form an excellent base for other Latin dances. Dance Cha Cha with partners or in groups, many opportunities to dance at discos, clubs and parties. Recommended as a first dance for beginners.
Cha Cha Cha - Latin American Partner Dance

A lively and cheeky Latin American dance with plenty of popular Latin songs that you can dance to. A polished version of the Street Cha Cha with quick sharp movements & poses, you will be the envy of all your friends as they look at your fancy footwork and slick moves.

Being a party pooper or wall flower is no longer the fashion. Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. Gentlemen will learn how to lead the ladies and move smartly, while the ladies will learn how to follow and move sexily.
Samba - Latin American Partner Dance
Interested in learning Brazil's national dance? Come Samba with others in this progressive dance that moves around the dance floor. Basic Latin American dance steps catered for adults who prefer to learn at a regular pace.

Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. Teaching you how to lead and follow well and look great on the dance floor with balance and style. Never fear how to shake your bon bon or dancing your emotion through your body anymore. Not recommended as a first dance for new beginners
Merengue - Latin American Partner Dance
A National dance of the Dominican Republic & Haiti, it was said that Merengue has its origin from African slaves in the 1850s, having to drag their chained feet while working in the sugar plantation to the beat of drums. Another variant is out of respect of a crippled revolution hero who loved to dance, everyone copied his one leg step and drag close the other, thereby Merengue was born.

Modern Merengue involves lots of hip movements and rhythmic leg action. Joyful rhythm and easy steps, Merengue is popular in parties. Recommended as a first dance for new beginners
Jive - Latin American Partner Dance
Learn the Jive, a dance that began in the US but took root in war-time Europe. Also known as the Lindy, swing, or jitterbug, jiving will provide that extra adrenaline pump.

Fun learning with emphasis on basic variations. No more awkwardness, only elegance. Pre-requisite: Preferred completed Disco Rock and/or Rock N Roll.
Paso Doble - Latin American Bull Fighter Partner Dance
Originates from a Spanish folk dance, Paso Doble means "Walk Together" or "Two Steps" which is danced to 2/4 timing in a grandious marching tempo. It is a dance of a Toreador (Bull fighter) in a bull fight and his partner is the red cape. In 1930s, Paso Doble gains popularity in France thus many of the dance figures are of exotic sounding names.

Evolved to the modern day competitive form, it is full of attitude, musculinity & arrogance with the dancers forming spectacular dance poses during highlights of the music, adding to the dramatic character. Not recommended as a first dance for beginners.
Hip Hop - Street MTV Solo Dance
Hip Hop Street Dance will give you ideas and moves on the dance floor with or without a partner. If you want to move beyond just wavering on the dance floor, learning Hip Hop Street Dance will help you dance like the pop stars with slick and up to date moves. Catered for adults or teenagers who want to learn more steps to dance in discotheques. Can join alone or in a group.

Hip Hop is a way of uniting all ages, races, & sex into a useful & fun activity. For the young, it gives you a sense of belonging & accomplishment once mastered. For the young at heart, it makes you young in your body as well. It can fill in the generation gap & help in better communication with others.
Disco Rock - Club/Street Partner Dances
Most versatile and easily learnt & form an excellent base for Latin and Modern dances. Just a few easy moves will make the men king of the dance floor and ladies the center of attraction. Disco rock can be danced to any typical disco music played at discos & parties.

The course will concentrate on useful basic variations; proper leading and following techniques, how to dance with grace and how to follow the music. These are the most useful of all the partner dances. Advance social dancing will build on the basics learnt in the elementary & intermediate classes. These variations are easy to learn yet look slick enough to impress your friends on the dance floor.
Rock & Roll - Street Partner Dance
Create an even bigger impression with the energetic Rock N Roll (similar to swing, jive), danced to ever green songs from singers such as Elvis & The Beatles.
Sensual Exotic Dance - For Ladies only
Ever want to move with grace and with a tinge of sensuality? Exotic Dance will teach you these and much more on feminine poise, self awareness and the sensual spirited woman in you. Empower yourself and get in touch with the new exotic inner self.

Get yourself tonned, muscles stretched and strengthened while learning the sexy moves. New seductive and sassy movements will be introduced in each lesson and you will be taught how to combine them towards end of each lesson into an exotic routine.

Dance Types Taught by RpMerleon Studios
Instruction Medium: Perfect Fluent English
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