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Dance Instruction in Singapore


Dance Instruction in Singapore

Dance instruction has been conducted live in dance venues, either on a group or a couple or solo learning basis ever since Mr & Mrs Low Poh San (still gracing dance events) most probably secured the first dance medal for Singapore in the early 1900s. . The world is moving towards other means of communication, collaboration, marketing/sales and many other activities which humans have for decades been conducting via live methods. Not surprisingly, the dance communities especially in the western countries have jumped into the bandwagon & and there are now dance videos, CDs & even interactive instructions given on the web. Here's an interesting comment by a RpMerleon reader:

"I noted that videos are not widely marketed or sold in Singapore and may/may not be popular to users nor schools. I had a few instructional tapes of my own and find them extremely useful as there is reinforcement of learning especially on the difficult routines. What do you think is the reason why many dancers/learners here don't resort to other forms of learning. Of course, it would be a 'useful supplement' in addition to dance classes. Is there a future for instructional videos in Singapore ? "

Will dance lessons conducted via other mediums (videos, CD-ROM, WEB etc) take up in Singapore and utimately be popular? Will Singapore dance instructors belief in these other methods and start producing such instructional mediums? Will these other non-traditional dance instruction media overtake & eventually replace the traditional live dance classes? What do RpMerleon readers think?

Some feedback from one of our readers:

"Using video instructional tapes must be viewed with care and done with a conscious mind to check back with professional instructors. I feel it is only good enough for dancing at a social level, but not sufficient for an advanced dancer (example competitors). It may also give a misleading sense of correctness if not substantiated by professionals."

"I have viewed a few tapes as well as UK congress seminars recently. For one, the tapes are aimed at various levels and one should not take it as bible. There are hidden techniques implied by the movements that is usually not adequately protrayed. In some cases, the figures for waltz as danced by a famous champion, were very different from the way he danced in the competitions. Some teaching approaches aims at techniques that can apply to several different figures. These are usually not apparent from the tapes."

This article was published on Saturday 01 May, 1999.
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