Class Expectations

How are your classes different from other schools?
We pay a lot of personal attention to our students and right from the start we try to inculcate good habits in our students. We very generous in imparting our knowledge of dance techniques to all students; and don’t treat it as a secret reserved only for the top few loyal students.

What can I expect in your group partner classes?
Besides teaching you the steps, our group partner classes focus a lot on teaching you to co-ordinate with your partner through lead and follow, dancing in different directions and dancing with different partners (you may opt out of this though); rather than just memorizing a fixed routine. We also focus on correct technique so that you later won’t have to re-learn.

What can I expect in your group solo classes?
Besides teaching you the steps, we train you as if you would be competing, with as much technique as you can do. Solo classes also include physical training based on gymnastics, yoga and Pilates to help prepare your body to dance its best as to dance well, you need to have strength and flexibility.
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