Children Dance Classes

Q18. What age can children start learning to dance at your studio?
A18. We accept children from age 6 onwards.

Q19. What are the benefits of children learning to dance?
A19. They will be fitter, better coordinated and more graceful. They will also learn discipline and teamwork. The girls will be more lady like and the boy will be more manly. Dancing skills will also be useful in social situations and even helping them later to meet their future spouse.

Q20. Can parents and helpers sit in the studio during lessons?
A20. No, as some of the other students may feel uncomfortable. But you may observe from outside the studio which has full glass windows.

Q21. Do children have to take private classes if they want to compete?
A21. Private classes are not compulsory if they want to compete. Many of our students just take group classes for competition. But definitely having extra classes would give them an edge over others.
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