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About Us ( 7 )
Curved Spines and Dancesport, Robin & Pele's real life story - ...more
Italy Dancing Mama Mia - An Italian summer experience - Ever wonder how the Italians, famous for...more
Parents & Children Dance Class - Social Dance Elementary - ...more
Pele Achieved Licentiate of Masters Photographers Association - ...more
RpMerleon Award Winning DanceSport Photo On CD Cover - ...more
RpMerleon Live Photo Sales Review - 20 October 2002 - Phew, we are totally shacked, very tired...more
Singapore First Ballroom Dance Studio- 3 Dance Generations - Above newspaper: Robin Chee's Aunty Glad...more

Dance Competitions ( 9 )
Competitive Dancing -


Dance Etiquette - It is not uncommon to be injured, rather...more
Dance Practice DOs & DONTs - The Loud Hailers ...more
Improving Standards of DanceSport Competitions - While we are grateful that there are sti...more
Quality of iShop Photos - More queries & clarifications on iSho...more
Seniors: An Uneven Playing Field - GROWTH OF DANCESPORT IN SOUTHEAST ASI...more
Seniors: An Uneven Playing Field - Spark that started the fire - UK Dance Scene
Writer : An Annon...more
What to expect for your first few one-dance competitions - One-dance competitions are especially fo...more
Would You Still Be Competiting When You're In Your 70s? - ...more

Dance Examinations ( 0 )

Dance Movie Reviews ( 5 )
Dance With Me - The eagerly awaited ballroom dance motio...more
Forever Fever - We managed to catch this locally produce...more
Let It Be Me - Full of excitement, we set forth at midn...more
Shall We Dance - The first time this movie was watched wa...more
Strictly Ballroom - Have been fascinated and will forever be...more

Dance Publications ( 0 )

Dancing Tips ( 16 )
10 Tips on getting the most out of your dance classes - Congratulations on taking the first step...more
A " Dance Clinic " was conducted by Donnie Burns and Nicole Hans - Donnie Burns - 14 times World Profession...more
A Modern Ballroom Musical Play - Modern ballroom dancing was given a comp...more
Dance Instruction in Singapore - Dance instruction has been conducted liv...more
Dancing Feet -


Floor Craft - Floor craft is the ability to navigate r...more
How To Dance In Tune With The Music - Steven Hiller - Right Posture,Correct Foot-work and Accu...more
Latest Trends in Standard Dances : William Pino - On 2 August 1999, the IDSF Standard Mode...more
Maximising Your Dance Lessons - When I first started learning dancing, I...more
Right Mechanics Makes A Champion Dancer - Stephen Hillier - ...more
Silhouette, Music & Movement - Sir Bill Irvine - On 4 Aug 96, the Doyen and Icon of moder...more
Singapore Ballroom Dancing History - Singapore's First Ballroom Dance Stud...more
Sportsmanship in DanceSport - John Wood - Sportsmanship in competitive dancing is ...more
Ten Ballroom & Latin American Dancing Qualities - To improve your Ballroom and Latin danci...more
The Changing Pattern Of The Quickstep - John Wood - About 20 competitors participated in a w...more
Types of Dancers -

Basically most dancers fall into one ...more

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