Adults and Seniors

Q15. Do I need a partner to learn dancing?
A15. If you are joining Solo Latin classes, you do not need a partner. If you are joining group partner classes a partner would be good, but if you don’t have a partner, not to worry as we will rotate the students and everyone gets to dance with one another.

Q16. Can I choose to stick to my own partner and not rotate?
A16. Yes. But we highly recommend that you rotate partners as dancing with different people will help both you progress faster. It also makes you more adaptable to dancing with different partners which will put you in a good position in social events where you have to dance with someone else (e.g. your business associates, bosses, relatives, friends etc.).

Q17. I’m a bit less agile than before, what dances are suitable for me?
A17. Dancing is scalable in difficulty. We adjust the movements to suit your capability, so actually any dance is suitable. But if you really want slower dances then Waltz, Rhythm, Foxtrot, Rumba would be suitable.
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